Friday, 31 August 2012

Most worn summer clothing items

   The summer is is over but the memories will stay much longer! My clothes always remind me of a good time I had. Couple times I was asked to make a post about clothes I have worn for the most of time. Here they are!







1. Pink sweater from Primark. Reminds me of a festival in Palanga.
2.Pink/Black sweater from Villa. I wear him everyday at home, it's just too cosy!
3.Pink (wow, again?) sweater from New Look. I remember wearing it when came from London. Homecoming is always emotional!
4. Patterned sweater from Primark. Patrick (my cat) loved it!
5. Flowery t-shirt from H&M. It's all about the sun!
6. Pink blouse from grandma's closet. It's not very special, I wore it a lot though.
7. Nude shirt from H&M. Somehow it reminds me of St. Paul's Cathedral in London..
8. Cloudy t-shirt from H&M. Reminds me of a party with my classmates!
9. Blue dress from H&M. How I just love that dress! Reminds me of a wedding in Vilnius one year ago.
10. Spotty shorts from New Yorker. I wear them at home too, one of the most comfortable things in the world!
11. Black Only shorts. I made them myself. They are really really short so the only place I could bravely wear it was Palanga's beach.
12. Blue DIY shorts. The most of my shorts are DIY, these are one of my favorite.
13. Green shorts from Pull&Bear. They remind me of Kew Gardens, the day when I lost my oyster...
14. Grey Guns 'n' Roses t-shirt from H&M. They are definitely my favorite thing on Earth. I wore it when said goodbye to my friends from Camden. I could never forget that!
15. Peach shirt from New Look. Sunny Croatia!!
16. Mint shirt from Dorothy Perkins. I remember Rugile wearing it when a sunny day came to London.
17. Stripped dress from Zara. The last day with The Young Americans. Ah.
18. Brown shirt from Zara. Some guys I met a few days ago.
19. Checked shirt from Next. Reminds me of starry sky, i wear it in by balcony at night when I'm cold. 

That's all from the most worn this summer. I hope the autumn will bring brand new memories!


  1. Wow, your clothes look really fashionable and cozy. Some of them I would like to get somewhere :D Conquered my heart, definitely :>