Friday, 31 August 2012

Most worn summer clothing items

   The summer is is over but the memories will stay much longer! My clothes always remind me of a good time I had. Couple times I was asked to make a post about clothes I have worn for the most of time. Here they are!







1. Pink sweater from Primark. Reminds me of a festival in Palanga.
2.Pink/Black sweater from Villa. I wear him everyday at home, it's just too cosy!
3.Pink (wow, again?) sweater from New Look. I remember wearing it when came from London. Homecoming is always emotional!
4. Patterned sweater from Primark. Patrick (my cat) loved it!
5. Flowery t-shirt from H&M. It's all about the sun!
6. Pink blouse from grandma's closet. It's not very special, I wore it a lot though.
7. Nude shirt from H&M. Somehow it reminds me of St. Paul's Cathedral in London..
8. Cloudy t-shirt from H&M. Reminds me of a party with my classmates!
9. Blue dress from H&M. How I just love that dress! Reminds me of a wedding in Vilnius one year ago.
10. Spotty shorts from New Yorker. I wear them at home too, one of the most comfortable things in the world!
11. Black Only shorts. I made them myself. They are really really short so the only place I could bravely wear it was Palanga's beach.
12. Blue DIY shorts. The most of my shorts are DIY, these are one of my favorite.
13. Green shorts from Pull&Bear. They remind me of Kew Gardens, the day when I lost my oyster...
14. Grey Guns 'n' Roses t-shirt from H&M. They are definitely my favorite thing on Earth. I wore it when said goodbye to my friends from Camden. I could never forget that!
15. Peach shirt from New Look. Sunny Croatia!!
16. Mint shirt from Dorothy Perkins. I remember Rugile wearing it when a sunny day came to London.
17. Stripped dress from Zara. The last day with The Young Americans. Ah.
18. Brown shirt from Zara. Some guys I met a few days ago.
19. Checked shirt from Next. Reminds me of starry sky, i wear it in by balcony at night when I'm cold. 

That's all from the most worn this summer. I hope the autumn will bring brand new memories!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

John Barrett Salon

          Have you heard of John Barrett? He owns a beauty salon called John Barret Salon. According to the site, " Barrett strives to give all his clients the same thing: a clean, warm, modern look that melds the glamour and grace of uptown with the youth and vitality of downtown". What a gentleman!



       This summer he debuted a Ponytail Bar where a 30 minute appointment costs $45 or more. These are not just regular ponytails, they suit different hair types, styles and occasions. Each stylist even customizes the pony to compliment your face shape. "A good ponytail is like a good heel—it gives you a little lift,” explained Barrett.

As noted for his dry wit and candor as he is for his sensitive handling of the diverse personalities—actresses, fashion editors, socialites, media figures—who comprise his clientele, Mr. Barrett has built an impeccable reputation paying superior attention to both the inside and outside of a woman's head.