Sunday, 11 March 2012

The first hello

  • Who?
    Hi, I'm Victoria, I'm sixteen years old and I have finally decided to start a new blog.
  • Where from?
    I was born in Lithuania and I'm still living here. You may find some lithuanian posts here but don't worry, I'm used to writing in English so feel free to ask if you can't understand something. 
  • What kind of sorcery is this?
    I'm going to write about all kinds of fashion.
  • Comment?
    Yes, please, as much as you want. I would love to hear some critiques or suggestions, but please be nice because any rude comments will be deleted.
  • Hate?
    If you want to, but not here.
  • Love?
    Great, thanks, I love you too!

   For a good start, take a cup of coffee and grab some cookies. Enjoy! See you next time.

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